In  my childhood, I saw many people with sickness in around me.


So I naturally started wonder,

“Why do they get sick?”

“And how can we make them better?”


One day, I began to give treatment to surrenders who had disease and disorder.

Those days I treated one of my neighbors who had knee`s disorder.

And her knee began to bending and stretching. She is a old single woman.

She surprised and shouted,

“You have miraculous ability! You should care of people they have disease and disorder.”

Now I wonder this word have been influence in potentially for my life.


My childhood


In high school , I damaged my knees and lower back from fencing practice, so I attended more than 10 different types of therapy and clinics during university.

However, my knees and lower back did not get any better.


The only thing I found out from all visits, is that no therapy or clinics can cure my pain-not even my lower back pain.


After 460 miles of walking and searching, my knees and lower back became even more severely damaged.


At that time, I even came to think that I may not be able to walk on my own anymore.

Fifteen years ago, when I was 20 years old, I began to practice Chinese martial arts.

In doing so, my knees and lower back drastically improved.

In fact, I did not feel pain anymore.



In Yunnan province,China with Cheng style taiji Master



At the same time, I began to study manual therapy.

In the beginning, I treated ordinary disorders, like headaches, joint pains, back pains and general malaise.



And one day, I had a chance to treat a man who suffered from brain stem hemorrhage six years ago.

He had paralysis and numbness on the left side of the his body.

He told me he received many different types of medical treatment 2 times  a week, but none of them had any positive impact.


Hearing this, I thought in my heart,

“I’ll do what I do”


So I checked his body fluid and electrical reaction, and found that his body reactions were very dynamic-it was like a waterfall flowing through his body.


After 5 minutes of treatment, he told me

“My numbness has faded…oh, it may have actually disappeared!”

“I can move my arm naturally without paralysis”


This event made a strong impression on me and so I began to treat neurological disorders and incurable diseases.


Those days, I got  teachings from a successor of the oldest Japanese martial-arts-one which included the oldest manual therapy.


In teaching of the successor


It gave me innovative perspectives and completely changed my point of view on the human body.


These teachings included ideas such as “Choryoku” (tension of the body), “rondo”(coordination), mind tricks, physiological response and body sensors.


People know very little about them .


But thanks to these teachings, I can now treat paralysis, neurological disorders and incurable disease-



most of which are unthinkable from the standpoint of western medicine.