Our mission  is releasing all bedridden , wheelchairs, neurological disorders, incurable diseases in all around the world!!

And we love to see they don’t suffer from diseases any more.

For all person who did best and nothing changed but never give up  regeneration

We show you how to get off wheelchair and get up from bedridden

And finally you can go everywhere you want to go

treatment in DUBAI and MALAYSIA

◇for whom got every kind of medical care e.g physical therapy, acupuncture,  but bad condition are keeping

◇for whom disorders remain in few years and no way what to do next.

after 5 times treatment, she began to stand up


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schedule 2022/2023




after effect of covid18

chronic fatigue syndrome


treatment for paralysis, ataxia, Parkinson`s,cerebral hemorrhage in DUBAI

22~27 MAY 2022


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Why our treatment effective these symptoms?

 We treat body signal and body fluid.

This two point are fundamental factors because all creatures can move by electrical signal and they have liquid.

If there are problem, something disorder happen.

So we do only fix signals and fluid, that`s all.

And body automatically fix itself.

Anatomy, physiology, pathology are different to each creatures.

So these medical factors are not fundamental factors about body.

The modern medicine have been treated only superficial factores.

We work for the eradication of paralysis and neurological disorders from all over the world.

Why is modern medical treatment and rehabilitation ineffective in treating spinal cord injuries,neurological disorder and paralyses?


Why you can not witness a miracle about brain stroker and spine cord injury and ALS, Parkinson`s ??


I will introduce you to a very effective ancient Japanese  science  for incurable disease.

Our treatment method is completely body engineering(body signal, internal pressure, thermodynamics, linkage) not medical approach  and it is a lost technology in  the western civilization by the medieval era.

For 9 months, she has been struggling with a paralyzed right leg caused by malignant  brain tumor.

She and her mother were told by the doctor.

“Your right leg would not get any better.”

But her right leg got better.

After our first treatment session, her right leg began to move, and by the 8th  treatment session,she began to stand by herself.

He was paralyzed at birth, due to hypoxia.

His father seeked around and tried many diffferent types of treatment for 37 years but his paralysis got no change.

At our first session, his arms began to move naturally, and he also began to speak.

His father commented,

“I have never seen my son move like this before…”

After suffering a cerebral stroke more than 5 years ago,she was unable move her right arm.

Her doctor once told her,

“There is no  way you could get better”

But now her right arm is moving –she can even give a fist punch!

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1-8-2ebisunishi shibuyaku Tokyo,Japan

For all incurable disease,spinal cord injury and neurological disorder and paralysis for all around the world.


Price and notice

Why general medical care failed to cure them?

And why is our treatment effective?

There are problems with modern medical care.

1. Modern medical doctors do not touch and examine their patients.

2 .Most of the treatment and care does value the importance in physical training too much.

3. Modern medicine cannot treat electric signals of the body.

Our treatments for incurable diseases derive from an ancient martial arts and  medicine in Japan.

Back in the day,Japanese  medical doctors felt electrical reaction and thermodynamic reactions of body through their hands to treat their patients.

Modern medical practices lost this method because of the development of X ray and MRIs.

However, for incurable diseases, especially for spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders and paralysis, it is necessary to repair the  body’s electrical system, thermodynamics system and also restore the flow of the body fluid.

We can examine all of the above. And you can experience the miracle!


Fifteen years of experience in this field, conducting  more than 2000 treatment sessions in a year.

Began martial-arts at 20 years of age to learn body care for myself.

Stayed Yunnan province in china and researched medical treatment while practing martial arts in 2012.But there are nothing about medical treatment in chaina.

Studied Osteopathy and some Japanese manual therapy in 2013~2018.

Currently studying under the successor of the oldest Japanese martial arts.

Give  treatment for Neurological disorder and paralysis all over the world and in Japan.



Ordinary he goes to around Japan as treatment for paralysis and neurological disorders.

He has correct technics and reliance of patients.


She does treatment for paralysis and neurological disorders everyday.

Most of her patients have strong trust to her and speak of satisfaction.


spinal cord injury, chronic fatigue syndrome


He is a musician and seeking for effect of language and figure.


disorders cause unknown, brain disease

About guideline

after effect of brain stroke

paralysis or ataxia under the knees  5~10 times

paralysis or ataxia ahead of arms more than 10 times

spinal cord injury

lower body paralysis 5~10 times

upper body paralysis more than 10 times

Parkinson’s disease

tremor/thrill  3~5 times

chronic fatigue syndrome

3~5 times

Our treatment effective for these person

1 medical unexplained neurological disorders and symptoms

2 general paralysis

3 no way to treat with medical care